lä-dé-dog (la-dee-dog) noun “love-the-dog”

To me, Lä Dé Dog means “love the dog” and that’s why I’m a dog trainer.  My journey started as a parent to the world’s best dog.  I spent years volunteering at animal shelters, working with rescues and photographing dogs to help out.  I realized that to really save them, I needed to train them and their owners. We all need to bring out the best in each other and co-exist.  Read more about me and my professional experience.


Janet Litton, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed

Serving the Coachella Valley

Puppy Act 1 Socialization, puppy behaviors, the first step towards learning. Puppy Act 2 Continuation of Puppy Classes with basic commands. Behavior Issues Focus on specific behaviors and how to modify them. Learn how to help your dog and stop screaming, "No."
Dog trainer works one-on-one, then teaches the owner the skills to continue the learned behavior. Great for those that work or are busy but still realize the importance of starting training early.
Dogs are social creatures and a walk during the day is a perfect adventure for your friend. Going away for the night or weekend?  Keep your dog safe and sound in your own home with a dog loving friend, me.
What a cute face! Capture your best friend in beautiful photos suited for their personalities. Studio type portrait, outdoor location, casual.  Always fun and a beautiful memory of your precious pet.