Puppy Act 2

xspencer4093Oh, what a good doggie.  Yes, that’s what we all want our dog to be, but it takes work on your part (the owner) and the dog.  Dogs come into this world without collars and leashes and not understanding our language.  As a dog trainer, I will teach you to understand and communicate with your dog.  Dogs are very good at communicating, humans not so good at understanding.   In Puppy Act 2, I will teach you how to have your dog sit (yes, I know he already knows how to sit, but he doesn’t know we call it “Sit,”)  down, stay, come, leave-it, drop it, go to your mat and good leash behavior.

I will come to your home each week for an hour (class is six weeks), explain the learning process of dogs, show both you and your dogs what to do, the proper techniques plus a little homework, handouts, and all the support you need to do it right.

What does it cost?

Six classes (six weeks), one hour scheduled at your home $450.00