spencerprincessI love dogs. I really love dogs and my goal in life is to save as many as I can.  I do that through rescue, volunteering, photographing and dog training.

For almost 16 years, I had the very best dog in the world, I know everyone says the same thing, but to me this little cocker spaniel was the best.  When he passed away, I was heart broken and missed having a dog but I did not want to go through that type of pain again.

I started volunteering for Los Angeles Animal Services and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of dogs, behavior issues, rescue work and fell in love with the entire mess.  Until then, I never really experienced a dog with behavior issues.  How lucky was I?

There I saw because of simple behavior issues, owners would dump these poor dogs at the shelter. My journey began.  I started photographing the dogs to at least make them look adorable as they were and help them get adopted.   From there I started rescuing dogs and met one of my best friends, Rachelle Lynn, who had started Angels in Fur Dog Rescue. I was one of  her early volunteers.  I foster dogs, trained as best as I could, socialize them and  took them to weekly adoption events and did home checks.  The rescue world was now my purpose and part of my journey.

Fast forward about ten years and I was still volunteering, but now in Denver,  I got involved in the training program they offered to volunteers in hopes of getting dogs adopted.  I saw that was the way to get animals adopted.  My favorite dogs were always what I referred to as the “stinkers,” little dogs who think they are big dogs and act that way to protect themselves.  I always knew they had a more gentle, loving side and I was going to bring it out of them.

I signed up to study with a local trainer and amazing rescuer, Misha May Foundation.  I studied for 8 months learning about animal behaviors, learning theory, separation anxiety and other issues that dogs have.  I had seen all of this before, but for the first time, I actually learned to just watch dogs and see what they are saying.  It was some of the best teaching I ever got.  Just watching your dog, teaches you a lot of what is going on with them. I use that skill daily in dog training. Dogs tell us so much and by watching, it opens a world of what path to take for their training and rehabilitation.

Training Philosophy

I use positive training techniques, leadership skills for your pack, love and humor for training both human and dog.


– Twelve years volunteering combined at Los Angeles Animal Services, Denver Maxfund, Coachella Valley Animal Campus.  Working with hundreds of dogs, socializing, training, photographing
– Volunteered with Angels in Fur Dog Rescue providing foster care, socializing and training, board member
– Studied with Animal Behavioral Specialist in Denver, Misha May Foundation 8 months
– Continuing education of workshops, seminars, learning theory and intensive reading of animal behavior
– Three years certified dog trainer at Petco both group classes and private.  Trained more than 600 dogs during this time.  All different breeds, ages, sizes and personalities.
– Sept. 2016 received Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) – Focus of certification: Instruction skills, Learning theory, Ethology, Equipment, Animal Husbandry

My Mutts

With all due respect, I do call my dogs, “the mutts.” I could not love them anymore and affectionately refer to them as my mutts or knuckleheads. They are both rescue dogs, Saffron was a true rescue. She and another dog were dumped out in the desert living with coyotes, snakes and whatever else is out there, including gun enthusiasts. My three friends and I, spent 2 months looking for her and her mate. We weren’t successful in capturing her mate, but here’s Saffron the very first time we got to see her up close. Finally she was safe.

Wolfie was living with his 89 year old Mommy when she had to go into assisted living. Delores was very happy that Wolfie had a safe, loving home. Wolfie was a rescue through Angels in Fur Dog Rescue and his temporary stay with me, has turned into 3 years and will continue. He’s 12 years old.

Saffron and Wolfie have formed a bond and certain rules. Wolfie rules all that has anything to do with food. They both love to go for walks, especially Saffron.

Saffron finally safe

Woflie & his mommy, Delores

Wolfie & Saffron, like they own the place